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MyHealth Analysis

MyHealth Analysis is an on-line program designed to analyze your responses to a detailed online health questionnaire (up to 1600 questions)

Why Should I Use MyHealth Analysis?
MyHealth Analysis is useful because it allows your doctor to have a thorough view of your past and present history, including present health complaints, past illnesses and hospitalizations, medications and vitamin, diet history, and exercise and family history. This critical information guides him through the decision making process which ultimately leads to the most effective treatment and the best chance for results in your case. A thorough history removes guess work.

The Benefits of MyHealth Analysis

  • Our doctors will take your health problems seriously

  • We have the combined knowledge of more than one professional

  • Find out precisely why you have a health problem and identify the nature or causes

  • Find out what questions to ask your doctor in advance of a visit

  • Identify out what organ systems aren't functioning properly

  • Get advice on which supplements or herbal remedies you need, removing the guess work

  • Decide whether or not to see a doctor

  • Get access to a natural health care practitioner in your area

  • Get a second opinion

MyHealth Analysis

MyHealth Analysis is a detailed health questionnaire. Find out how it can uncover the true cause of your health problems. Your health history is vital.

MyHealth Analysis

Whether you're an on-line client or interested in keeping accurate medical records for yourself, a family member, or a relative, we explain how MyHealth Analysis works.

MyHealth Analysis

Our prices for MyHealth Analysis are discussed as well as a link to purchase the questionnaires. The questionnaires are quite reasonably priced.


Get the details here.

MyHealth Analysis

This article discusses the health conditions that are assessed when you complete your questionnaires in MyHealth Analysis. Of course, you already know what health conditions you have, but MyHealth Analysis can uncover conditions and situations you didn't know you had.

MyHealth Analysis

We've posted a demo version of the questionnaires. Take a look at the type of information we gather so that your health problems can be thoroughly investigated.

We leave "no stones unturned" when it comes to finding the cause of your health problems. View the demo questionnaires and I think you'll agree that this will be the most thorough health history you've ever taken.

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