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Getting help at is simple. Our detailed FAQ's will answer the most common questions we receive. Your medical information is protected and we are HIPPA compliant. Read about this in our privacy policy.  Our Terms and Conditions of Use outline your agreements is using this website.

When you need to speak to a live human, we're available. We still believe in good old customer service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions is very thorough and really does answer the questions we get asked a lot. You'll better understand why we do what we do.

Terms and Conditions of Use Under Get Help

Although our Terms & Conditions of Use is lengthy, we've tried to think of every conceivable situation that could arise when you use the web site.

Privacy Policy understands how important the privacy of personal information is to our customers. is committed to honoring your privacy, and to offering special protections for any personal health information you choose to share with us.


The use of and any service you receive via our web site is not an "end-all" in your search for a solution to medical problems you may have.
This article discusses the degree to which the treatment of health conditions are "guaranteed" and the degree to which we take responsibility for your health.

Amazon.Com Sells Fake, Counterfeit Nutritional Products To Unsuspecting Consumers

A Natural News investigation has confirmed that (AMZN) is functioning as a retail "front" for a rapidly-expanding list of dietary supplement counterfeiters who profit by exploiting the trust factor to sell fake products to unsuspecting Amazon customers.

Add to Your Email 'Safe List' or Personal Address Book

Once you've signed up to receive emails from BecomeHealthyNow, we want to ensure that you receive them. To do that, you will want to add the BecomeHealthyNow email address to your email browser's 'Safe List' or address book. This article discusses how to do that.

Contact Us

Customer support is important to us. By telephone, email or by fax, we welcome your communication.

Glossaries and Dictionaries

Need to find a medical term or an obscure definition? You can probably find it in our ever-expanding glossary. Also check out our nutrition glossary.

MyHealth Success Stories

We're proud of the results we get with our clients. See what others are saying. Write your own success story. Let others know you got results. We'll keep your identity confidential.

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