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Blood Test Mini Panels

A full panel blood test includes several blood tests that can identify potential medical complications in their early stages to administer prompt treatment. It is typical for doctors to compare the information gathered from a full panel blood test each year with previous testing rounds to understand an individual's general health changes better.

In addition to tests performed by LabCorp, many of our other lab partners also perform what would be considered a Mini Panel. Please refer to the About the Labs We Utilize section of the website for links to all of our lab partners and a full list of tests performed by each lab.

For sample reports of some of the lab tests we order please see the corresponding lab test category.

For sample reports of some of the lab tests we order please see the links below.

Also see the following lab tests sections for additional blood tests:

Metabolic Lab Tests

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP 14) - LabCorp

The Comprehensive Metabolic Panel is used to monitor and identify metabolic status and function. This is a very common test that is ordered.


Download a sample report here.

Endocrine Lab Test

Thyroid Panel with Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH) - LabCorp

This test includes Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH), Thyroxine (T4) Total, T3 Uptake, and Free Thyroxine Index.

Download a sample report here.

Immune Lab Test

Hepatitis A, Total Antibodies - LabCorp

Hepatitis is a general term that describes inflammation of the liver. Hepatitis can damage the liver, affect liver function, and over time lead to complications such as cirrhosis, which is severe scarring of the liver, and liver cancer.

Hepatitis can be acute or chronic. Acute hepatitis is short-term, while chronic hepatitis lasts at least 6 months.

There are many types of hepatitis, with both infectious and noninfectious causes. Infectious hepatitis is caused by an infection with a virus, bacteria, fungus, or parasites. The most common type of infectious hepatitis is viral hepatitis, which describes hepatitis caused by an infection with one of several hepatitis viruses. Viral hepatitis includes five main types.

Download a sample report here.

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