The Metabolic Liver Sub-Reflex

Reflex Location

The location is the same as Right Master Allergy/Liver Reflex. It is directly under the right breast in a hollow spot between the ribs.

Testing the Reflex

Test using the same polarity as found on the Metabolic Reflex.

Indicator Of

If this reflex is electrical, the liver is infected by a bacterial and a viral infection or allergy. The liver has lost optimal function. These infections or allergies may be similar to Epstein-Barr and mononucleosis-type infections or allergy syndromes.


If the toxins in the liver back up into other parts of the body, a broad range of symptoms can occur. The patient may suffer from severe fatigue similar to chronic fatigue syndrome, sinus drainage with no other cause, allergies, hives, eczema, ringing ears, dizziness as in Meniere's syndrome, and/or blurred vision. The liver is the body's furnace and chemical factory. If it is under working, the patient will feel cold all over. If it is overworking to burn up the toxins, the patient will have hot sweats or hot flashes.

Nutritional Treatment

Use the following nutrition, per day, for 12 weeks.

  • 10 Immuplex - Immuplex is a natural antibiotic which stimulates the body's immune system to digest the bacteria.
  • 3 Betacol to recharge the liver and heal the damage.
  • 6 For-Til B12 - For-Til B12 is a light electrolyte. It nourishes the liver with a lubricant and gives it a blood builder that the liver uses to make and fortify its' bile.

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