The 3 Thyroid Reflexes and the 1 Adrenal Reflex

The Adrenal Reflex
The Adrenal Reflex

Reflex Location

This reflex is located directly under the left armpit.

Testing the Reflex

Test this neutral fingertips.

Indicator Of

The left adrenal will be electrical first. The right adrenal is the backup to the left adrenal. If it is electrical, a severe adrenal shutdown is indicated. Thy thyroid is the heart's first backup. The adrenals are the second. They support the heart indirectly. If the adrenals stop functioning, the heart takes on the whole load. That adds a lot of stress to the heart.

When a left adrenal is electrical, it is usually swollen and painful. This is a good sign. If it is not swollen or painful it is an indication that the adrenal is extremely run down, weak and tired, and it is no longer capable of swelling. This is usually found in older people.


Symptoms include rheumatoid arthritis, swollen extremities, lack of cortisone, fatigue, impotency, weak pulse, low blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, cataracts, plaque on the teeth, kidney failure, prostate failure, and uterine failure.

Nutritional Treatment

Use 3-12 B6 Niacinamide, per day, always. This is a mineral electrolyte to the adrenals. It helps the adrenal gland produce its hormones.


6 Drenamin ® per day, always. This nutrition is especially good for quick moving people. It is excellent as a preventative of fatigue due to heavy sports involvement. Drenamin is a broad spectrum nutrition that supports the adrenal glands.


3 Whole Desiccated Adrenal, per day, always. This product rebuilds the adrenals. If the adrenal reflex is not sore to the touch the patient most likely needs to rebuild as well as heal the adrenal. It is used mostly for geriatric patients.

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Mechanical Treatment

Always test the 7th cervical, 10th dorsal, ankles, and the Towers Meridian. Treat when necessary.

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