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Unfortunately Americans are getting fatter. 95% of all the "treatments" for weight loss don't work! Perhaps one reason is that the program's purpose isn't aimed at restoring normal function to those organs which aren't working properly. The supplements we recommend for weight loss are not a "quick fix" as you'll see in many other programs

Our approach is to focus on those malfunctioning systems and restore them back to normalcy. If you're looking for a quick fix, go no further. If you're looking to become healthy and lose weight sensibly here are the Standard Process® supplements we recommend to support a program of weight loss.


    Cholacol ®
    by Dr. Gary Farr 2/15/2002
    Cholacol Contains Concentrated Bile Salts And Collinsonia Root To Aid In Dietary Fat Metabolism And Absorption

    by Dr. Gary Farr 2/23/2002
    E-Manganese Combines desiccated bovine pituitary gland with vitamin E complex, manganese, and calcium to support a healthy pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is often referred to as the master gland of the body. The anterior portion of the gland secretes hormones that control growth, thyroid function, ovulation, and lactation.

    Livaplex ®
    by Dr. Gary Farr 2/25/2002
    Livaplex, as you might expect, is for the liver. It's a powerful liver detoxifying product. It contains A-F Betafood, Antronex and Betacol, all liver detoxifying products.

    Myo-Plus ®
    by Dr. Gary Farr 2/25/2002
    Myo-Plus Supports Muscular Health And Function, Combining Strong Antioxidants - Coenzyme Q10, B-Complex, And Vitamins C and E.

    Nutritional Support for the Female
    by Dr. Gary Farr 8/4/2002
    Women face different physical and nutritional challenges with each change in the life cycle. From the reproductive years to those circling menopause, certain vitamins and minerals are needed in greater amounts at specific times, to help keep the reproductive, skeletal, and nervous systems healthy. Standard Process offers the following products to help support a women’s health and maintain balance during these different phases of life.

    Thytrophin PMG ®
    by Dr. Gary Farr 3/11/2002
    Thytrophin PMG™ Is A Special Combination Formula With Primary Ingredients Of 45 Mg Of Bovine Thyroid PMG™ ™Extract (Processed To Remove Thyroxine), Calcium Lactate, And Magnesium Citrate

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