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Stress is not a disease and is a normal part of everyone's life. Stress is not necessarily good or bad; however, reactions to stress can vary considerably, and some of these reactions are undesirable. The most frequent undesirable reaction is anxiety. Anxiety is often accompanied by twitching or trembling, muscle tension, headaches, sweating, irritability, fatigue, nightmares, memory problems, sexual impotence, sleeplessness, dry mouth, or difficulty swallowing.

Insomnia and an inability to concentrate are common symptoms of anxiety which can lead to a vicious cycle that makes the problem worse. The symptoms are effects, not causes.

The following Standard Process® supplements are available to support stress.


    Cataplex® B
    by Dr. Gary Farr 2/14/2002
    Cataplex B Contains Important B Complex Vitamins - B1, B3, and B6 The members of the B complex family of vitamins work collectively to metabolize fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. They are each singularly responsible for many important physiological processes concerned with both physical and mental health and well-being.

    Cataplex® G
    by Dr. Gary Farr 2/14/2002
    Cataplex G contains the B complex factors which are not soluble in absolute alcohol. G contains the lipatropic factors. What does that mean? It means the factors that metabolize fat. G is a vasodilator, it opens up the blood vessels by relaxing the nerves in the vessels. So G is for a person with high blood pressure, the tense, coronary type person.

    Min-Chex ®
    by Dr. Gary Farr 2/25/2002
    This is one of our three primary tranquilizing products. The other two are MIN-TRAN and ORCHEX. We'll explain the difference between the three.

    Min-Tran ®
    by Dr. Gary Farr 2/25/2002
    Min-Tran is short for "mineral tranquilizer." It's the mildest of the three tranquilizing products, excellent for the person who is nervous and cannot relax. It's also effective for helping people with muscle spasms and cramps. Min-Tran contains about one-third the amount of potassium that's in Organic Minerals. It's the kelp in the Min-Tran that supplies the potassium. Basically speaking, Min-Tran is the alkaline ash minerals plus calcium. So if a person needs both calcium and the alkaline ash minerals, give Min-Tran, if he needs only calcium, as in the case of a person with a cold or infection, suggest the use of Calcium Lactate.

    Neuroplex ®
    by Dr. Gary Farr 2/26/2002
    Neuroplex is for the nervous system. This is especially for degenerative conditions of the central nervous system (Parkinson's, etc.) It contains whole desiccated hypothalmus, whole desiccated anterior pituitary and whole desiccated spleen.

    Niacinamide B6
    by Dr. Gary Farr 2/26/2002
    Niacinamide B-6 is our best single product for people who get depressed. We have a reprint on schizophrenia that George Goodheart wrote, in which he recommends Niacinamide B-6 and three RNA daily. In addition, Niacinamide B-6 has been used for people with burning, prickling sensations in their extremities, as it has a role to play in improving circulation. We have another product, called B-6 Niacinamide, in which the proportions of B-6 and niacinamide are reversed.

    Orchex ®
    by Dr. Gary Farr 2/26/2002
    Orchex is half Niacinamide B-6 and half Orchic cytosol extract. This is the most powerful nutritional tranquilizer we have. It's for the person who is "about to blow his stack". It can also be given to the woman with menopausal hypertension, and the man with hypertension and falling libido.*

    Ribonucleic Acid (RNA)
    by Dr. Gary Farr 3/6/2002
    Ribonucleic acid is usually called "RNA." It is a yeast extract that is just what the name implies: ribo-nucleic acid. It supports cell growth by activating protein synthesis in the blood, and the memory factor of the cell promotes healing. It is used in: cold extremities, mental aberrations, hypothyroidism, keloids and scar tissue, chronic low resistance, memory loss, senility.

    St John's Wort-IMT™
    by Dr. Gary Farr 3/7/2002
    St. John’s Wort-IMT Contains 300 mg of 0.3% Hypericin Per Capsule Plus Inositol And Kelp To Promote Mental Health And Maintain Emotional Balance

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