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The water in the body can be compared to swimming pool water. Swimming pools are strictly monitored to keep the water at a certain pH balance. The water should not be too acidic nor too alkalitic. The fluid in the human body must stay within normal ranges also. Th normal pH balance in the human body is 7.35 to 7.45, (which is basically neutral). If the pH gets low (acidosis) or high (alkalosis) there will be specific problems that could be life threatening.

The body has several different ways to ensure that the pH balance stays in the normal range of 7.35 to 7.45. These are referred to as buffer systems. Through normal day to day activity in the body, acids are formed as waste products that need to be neutralized or eliminated. Some of the acids are released with CO2 from exhaling; others are excreted via the kidneys. These systems work together in the healthy human body to keep the pH level within normal ranges.

The following Standard Process® supplements are available to support pH balance.


    Betaine Hydrochloride
    by Dr. Gary Farr 2/11/2002
    This is a hydrochloric acid therapy product containing betaine hydrochloride, pepsin and ammonium chloride. As soon as this is put in a solution (the stomach), the betaine, which is a B factor, and the hydrochloric acid, separate. This makes hydrochloric acid available to the stomach - good for the people who cannot digest protein or absorb minerals.

    Cal-Amo ®
    by Dr. Gary Farr 2/11/2002
    The acid-alkaline balance is very important in maintaining proper body function, Alkalosis is involved in conditions of asthma, allergy, arthritis, bursitis, etc. If the fluid of the body is too alkaline, calcium precipitates out of solution and forms deposits in various places throughout the body. We discussed this earlier in talking about the importance of a proper calcium-phosphorous balance. So calcium forms deposits if the pH is too high, as well as in a deficiency of phosphorous. Think of Cal-Amo as our primary acidifying product.

    Min-Tran ®
    by Dr. Gary Farr 2/25/2002
    Min-Tran is short for "mineral tranquilizer." It's the mildest of the three tranquilizing products, excellent for the person who is nervous and cannot relax. It's also effective for helping people with muscle spasms and cramps. Min-Tran contains about one-third the amount of potassium that's in Organic Minerals. It's the kelp in the Min-Tran that supplies the potassium. Basically speaking, Min-Tran is the alkaline ash minerals plus calcium. So if a person needs both calcium and the alkaline ash minerals, give Min-Tran, if he needs only calcium, as in the case of a person with a cold or infection, suggest the use of Calcium Lactate.

    Phosfood® Liquid
    by Dr. Gary Farr 2/14/2002
    Phosfood Liquid supplies phosphorus in ortho-phosphoric acid. Phosphorus is an important nutrient supporting healthy calcium metabolism, circulatory, and sympathetic nervous system function, and proper pH balance.

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