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A Free Nutritional Health Ananlysis can help you determine what supplements you need. We've taken the guess work out of knowing what you need.
As a FREE preliminary service, we are offering you the opportunity to take a free health test and schedule a free 30 minute telephone consultation so you may determine if your specific health condition might respond to nutritional therapy. We've taken the guess work out of knowing WHAT vitamins and food supplements you need. These tests evaluate various organ systems and determine what nutritional deficiencies may exist.

Just because everyone seems to be consuming a certain trendy vitamin doesn't mean you should. You may not need it. In fact, it may even be harmful to your health. The only way to know for certain what vitamins your body needs is through routine medical testing. That's exactly what our free tests do. Pick below the free test you would like to take.

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Choose from the following:
Heart & Blood Vessels
Digestion & Elimination
Female Reproductive
Urinary Tract - Female
Urinary Tract - Male
Immune System
Male Reproductive
Nervous System
Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat
Blood Sugar

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