Saturday December 20, 2014
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Exercises for the Spine

Image of a female with the spine superimposed Regardless of your condition, improving your posture through spinal exercises should be an important part of your fitness regime. Spinal exercises, correctly performed, are some of the best preventative measures one can take to circumvent back disorders. Not only will you enjoy the benefits of a healthier, stronger spine and nervous system, you will also look and feel better.

One of the best ways to help your back become healthy, and stay healthy and pain-free, is to start a regular exercise program that increases the flexibility and strength of the muscles that support the spine. The following is a list of exercises recommended by doctors of chiropractic and other medical professionals. Always check with your doctor of chiropractic or a physician trained in exercise management before starting any exercise program.


Low Back Exercises
Neck Exercises


Nutritional Support for Exercise

submitted by Dr. Gary Farr 7/28/2002
Standard Process has several whole food supplements to keep your body nutritionally fit when trying to reach optimal health through exercise.

The Spine Tuning Exercise Program

submitted by Dr. Gary Farr 1/2/2013
In this series of spinal hygiene articles, we stress the importance of patient-active, preventive spinal care. Our vision involves every person taking time each day to be kind to his/her spine. We will continue the series in the area of spine-tuning warm-up exercises.

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