Friday December 19, 2014
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Contact Reflex Analysis™


The CRA™ Reflex System


Acupuncture, an Introduction

submitted by Dr. Gary Farr 4/19/2002
The ancient medical art of acupuncture is considered a new "alternative" medicine in most western cultures today. In reality, acupuncture and related treatments are established, clinically proven medical modalities that are over 5,000 years old. Read more. . . .

Contact Reflex Analysis Forum

submitted by Dr. Gary Farr 1/26/2002
Share your experience and learn from others on this forum. Health professionals also get involved and provide responses to your questions.

Kirlian Diagnostics

submitted by Dr. Gary Farr 4/24/2002
Kirlian photography is a way of representing the energy of the body in visual form. Since discovered by inventors Semyon and Valentina Kirlian in 1939, the technique has been researched and refined by independent labs and health practitioners throughout the globe.

What is CRA?

submitted by Dr. Gary Farr 12/31/2007
Contact Reflex Analysis™ is a technique employed by chiropractors, nutritionists, dentists and medical doctors that is very precise and scientific. It employs the research and work of Dr. Versendaal to get to the cause of health problems. This article is an overview of this advanced technique.

Ötzi: The Man in the Ice

submitted by Dr. Gary Farr 4/20/2002
These days, tattoos are bold fashion statements, but what purpose did they serve 5,000 years ago? Perhaps a medicinal one, says Max Moser, a physiologist at the University of Graz in Austria. He and his colleague Leopold Dorfer reached this conclusion after examining Ötzi, the mummified ice man extracted from a glacier In the Alps In 1991.

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